Department of Econometrics and Statistics was established in 2006, initially operated in the structure of the Faculty of Agricultural Economics (current Faculty of Economic Sciences) and since 1.01.2008 – within the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics, Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW.

Research at the Department of Econometrics and Statistics relates to the application of mathematics and quantitative methods:

  • in economics,
  • in the social sciences,
  • in the natural sciences.

The scope of research conducted in the Department concerns:

  • econometrics,
  • statistics,
  • multidimensional comparative analysis,
  • financial engineering,
  • operational research,
  • financial and insurance mathematics,
  • applications of informatics in economic research,
  • biometrics.

Department of Econometrics and Statistics annually organizes Scientific Conference: “Quantitative Methods in Economics MIBE”. This conference usually focuses around 100 people from several dozen of research units. Department publishes the journal: “Quantitative Methods in Economics”. This journal for many years has been registered on Ministry of Higher Education List B (currently with 20 points).